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At Solarity, the fulfillment of every client’s requirement is paramount. We strive to cultivate a close relationship and guide you through the process and ultimately deliver what you need. With over 10 years of experience in the field of renewable energy with an emphasis in solar solutions, whether you are seeking alternative energy solutions or simply looking for solar products for your garden. Solarity is your one-stop shop.

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If there is will there is a way

Solarity is well equipped to provide Turnkey energy solutions in all sectors

Commercial and industrial

Intricate consideration and calculation is key in providing solutions, as special components and design are needed to ensure a sustainable and cost-cutting solution while maintaining if not increasing efficiency and productivity

Government and Military

On-Call services and scheduled maintenance as well as quality control are made standard as to insure efficiency and guarantee longevity of any system. Safeguarding the continuous access to power especially when it comes to sensitive systems such as surveillance and communications.


Solarity will provide a turnkey solution to any residential power requirements. Considering the very low maintenance requirements of a residential system, you are one step closer towards energy independence while increasing the value of your home.

Off the Grid

Remote locations often meet difficulties in terms of energy reliability and therefore depend on Fossil Fuel Generators. With Solarity’s off-grid solutions, one can rest assured that electricity will always be available regardless of the surrounding circumstances.

Solar Powered

CCTV Systems

Power Security

With sensitive systems such as CCTV security cameras, the continuous and interrupted supply of electricity is Paramount, making solar solutions ideal in insuring that even if the grid fails. Your security system is fully functional. And the same goes if you are off the grid, as solar battery banks will make it so.


Long lasting

Considering Solar technology advances in a daily basis, its reliability and efficiency is always at an upwards trajectory. At this point, the majority of solar panel manufacturers insures that power output holds at above 80% for at least 25 years. Pairing this with a state of the art CCTV systems, you can rest assured that your home, business or any other asset is consistently monitored for the foreseeable future.