A company established in order to spread the innovations of modern day technology in the renewable energy market throughout the Middle East.

Specializing in Solar Energy, Solarity works in three active streams. The first being through its showrooms and plans to cover the GCC region within a short time frame.

A retail model that enables customers to find all solar energy products under one roof. Each branch would have the complete range of solar; cooling, heating, lighting, pumping and all related accessories. With reputable manufacturers as partners, Solarity insures the delivery of high-end quality solar products, which in return have established a position of trust amongst customers. The other stream is wholesale for the same partners, acting as a bridge between them and both the Kuwaiti private and public sectors. Along with its solutions, Solarity efficiently delivers the requirements of enterprises, companies and governmental authorities.

The third and most important stream is Solar energy solutions and project installation. Through the vast experience accumulated by Solarity and through the hands of its experienced and specialized engineers, every requirement or need in terms of renewable energy will find its solution at Solarity.